Pacific Northwest PHP Conference

The Pacific Northwest PHP Conference is a 3-day event for web developers focused but not confined to PHP. In previous years have included world-renowned and talented new speakers covering a range of topics like APIs, Frameworks, testing and version control.

This year we are looking forward to bringing together the rich and diverse talent of our community as speakers and attendees to share knowledge and inspiration.

We will dive deep into understanding technology, tools, and processes we all rely on, and explore a wide range technology and processes we are eager to get to know.


Tutorial: Demystifying Object-Oriented Programming

Abstraction, Encapsulation, Polymorphism, Interfaces and Namespacing: whether you’ve been programming in PHP for years or are just starting your journey, these terms are often overwhelming. Become a “modern” PHP developer with real-life examples of Object-Oriented terminology that will give you the experience to get your hands dirty.

Session: Let’s Talk Scope

Scope is a major factor in any application, from programing scope to project scope, and communication is key. We will discuss different application scopes including global, functional, class, and package scope. From there we will show how everything ties together with communication of the project itself. Why and how to stay on top of project scope and how that can make or break the final outcome.